IKEA Test Lab & Training Centre, China

399 Gang Wen Road, Fengxian District,
Shanghai, 201413 China

Any test relavant inquiry please contact ITTC Client Service.


The Client Service department can provide information and guidance on how to order tests.

Test Sampe Type



Furniture/Foam test

Phoenix Cai,

Tel: +86-21-3755 4815



Component/Candle/Package test

Doria Zhang,

Tel:+86-21-3755 4884



Textile/Toy/Leather/Artificial Leather/Zipper/Blinds test

Hyuki Xiang,

Tel: +86-21-3755 4809



Chemical/Food contact test

Star Zhao,

Tel:+86-21-3755 4869


* For other general inquiries, please send Email to ITTC Common Emailittc.cs@ikea.com.


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