How to apply for a test?

1. Download the latest test application form from ITTC website.
2. Filling in all the necessary information, especially the items with *. Select the test items.
3. Email the soft copy to ITTC client service for contract review. (You can find the client service contact information from the last page of test application form.)
4. Sign/Chop on the confirmed application form. Deliver it to ITTC together with the test sample.

When can I receive the test report?

ITTC offer regular/express/shuttle service to fulfil different requirements from applicant. However, not every test items can be performed acceleratedly, such as furniture mechanical test. Please check with ITTC client service before you apply for express/shuttle service.

When receiving the parcel from the applicant, ITTC client service will calculate the test lead time according to the test items applied. Then send a confirmation letter to applicant by email to inform the report number and report issue date.

How to read test report?

ITTC report format is reviewed and approved by IKEA of Sweden. No pass/fail conclusion is permitted to shown on the report. IKEA requires the report reader clearly know IKEA’s requirement and judge the product quality not just by a conclusion.

ITTC suggest you contact with your IKEA trading technician if you have any difficulty on review the test result.

Meanwhile, ITTC also prepared a video to help to read our test report.

When should I pay for the test?

ITTC issue invoice to applicant once a month after sending out the test report. Please pay after you receive the invoice. The payment term is 30 days.

How to prepare my test sample?

To ensure that your samples are delivered to the relevant testing department and arranged for testing in a timely and accurate manner, you are required to read below information and follow the packing requirement.

Pease click HERE.